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We encourage our clients to get comfortable requesting Google Reviews, this is because a Google ranking is the digital equivalent of a direct referral for a lot of people.


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Transforming Clicks Into Customers

Google Ads, PPC, Search, Engine Marketing (SEM)

Paid-Ads & Converting Traffic into Sales

Have you ever heard of a “sales funnel”? Take a look at the image below to get a better idea of how we structure your digital marketing funnel and connect you with paying customers.

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Google Ads with Fjord Social.

Looking for fast, measurable, cost friendly results? With over 84% of all internet users on Google, it is understandable why companies do everything they can to get on the front page of Google.

At Fjord Social, we have proven and certified Google Ads strategies that can grow your business exponentially. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone’s favourite answer… It depends! 🎉You will start seeing traffic to your site within the first week! For the Google algorithm to get a comprehensive understanding of what your campaign is trying to accomplish, the objective (ie. traffic, leads, sales) along with factors like your audience, bidding strategy, location, keywords and conversions, it can take a campaign a month to get firing on all cylinders.

How long will it take to see ROI from my pay-per-click search ad campaign?

In order to achieve any form of desirable results and give Google a chance to understand your campaign, you should be spending a minimum of $12.50 / day.

How much money do I need to spend on my Google Ads to be successful?

This is entirely contingent on what your objective is for your Google Ads Campaign. If you are looking for traffic to your website, clicks and page views would be what you are striving towards. If you are trying to generate awareness, you would be looking for impressions. For leads you would be wanting conversions such as phone calls or form submissions.

What kind of metrics support my campaigns success?

If it is decided it would be in the best interest of your brand to run a display and / or video campaign, the higher the quality, the better off your ads will be.

Do I need to have professional photos taken for Google Ads? Do I need videos created?

Google and Meta Ads have the unique ability to perform in a more instantaneous way, when compared to SEO. As well, Ads are more “controllable” than SEO, allowing you to target your preferred audience.

Ultimately, Google Ads and SEO are complimentary services. At Fjord, we encourage our clients to identify their annual marketing budget, because that way, we are able to build a digital marketing strategy that accommodates both the fast-acting Google and Meta Ads strategies as well as the long-term reputation building SEO strategies.

When it comes to fast, measurable results, Ads is the service you want. We will get your company’s name and product in front of website users who are genuinely searching for what you offer.

Why invest in Google & Social Media Ads (compared to SEO)?

Google Ads can function in a few different ways. You can create ads for your website through Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns which allows for you to target an audience and have an advertisement appear on the front page of a potential customer’s Google search if a certain keyword associated with your campaign is triggered.

You can also have your product / service presented in a more visual way with Google shopping, display, or video ads. These ad types can showcase your brand with a picture or a video all over the Google Network (Including Youtube) to an audience that is actively searching for or at the very least, interested in products like yours.

How do Google Ads work?

NuWave Industries

increase in website traffic

first 6 months of running ads


Viro Rentals

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Google Ads the first 5 months


In the world of reels and shorts, videos have become a crucial marketing tool. Fjord recognizes the power of video advertising on platforms like YouTube and helps businesses expand their online presence through targeted ad campaigns. Our data-driven approach ensures that the video ads are effective in driving engagement and conversions, delivering measurable results for clients.

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