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Fjord Social is where creativity & structure come together. By prioritizing individual client success indicators, Fjord establishes online personality & presence that genuinely reflects our clients' work, values and goals. Fjord is committed to the best marketing strategy, design and client relation practices by rooting our work in authentic care.


Lee Gross

Director of operations

Lee brings the structure to our creative flow. Whether it's communicating with clients, managing strategy deadlines or giving the final go-ahead on content, Lee's expertise is something that sets Fjord apart from other firms. With a formal education in Petroleum Engineering and field experience, Lee offers a proficiency money can't buy.

No need to hold our hand & explain your company a thousand times.

With over 20 years in Alberta's technical industry field, Lee worked his way from the field to a successful career downtown Calgary in Sales & Marketing.


His knowledge and understanding of industrial work gives Fjord a unique advantage in creating content that actually reflects what it is your company does and is all about.

Colby Mullis

Creative director

Colby's formal education is writing and visual marketing psychology. 

A passion for creating a final product that reflects the essence of the client and their project.

Colby has worked remotely with clients from Dubai, contracted with firms in Singapore and other fun creative collaborations. Both a technical and creative writer, and proficient in remote working coordination.

A creative personality, Colby isn't afraid to think outside the box.

wally foss

director of social strategy & analytics 

Wally is our guy for all things reporting deliverables and strategizing online. A Bachelor of Business Administration and a specialization in online marketing, Wally brings a flexible mindset to meeting our client objectives backed with tried and true methodology for implementation.

His quick wit and natural understanding of online socializing helps Fjord create a human experience for your company online.


Social media is for socializing, and developing unique personality goes a long way online. 

But with that said, nothing beats a good analytics analysis. Wally brings the best of both worlds. You won't miss his work.