Who we are


The client's success is the measure of success.
Take the time to be proud of the final product.
Humility allows us to be always learning.

Founded in 2021, it took only three months for our agency to hit capacity of workload with our founding members. 

Our founding members bring three very unique resumes to the table that make for a strong leadership team. One of our founders comes from an executive background in Canada's energy sector, downtown Calgary, Alberta -- his background and calibre in business development has allowed our small firm to show up for our clients in ways that only industry insight can allow. Another one of our founders thinks global. With her background being in communications and all things UX & UI, our creative department has an industry advantage in having worked with firms out of Singapore and Dubai. She has played significant roles on National virtual teams bringing with her the capacity for major remote-coordination. Our third founding member shows up with strategic and technical ability and background that counts. When it comes to return-on-investment, numbers don't lie and his ability to adapt and learn alongside this ever changing digital world is what sets our metrics apart. 

Fjord's story is ever-evolving. Initially Fjord was born as a solution to Canada's energy sector's digital marketing woes. We noticed that many clients of ours were perpetually complaining about marketing companies that "don't know anything about the energy sector", and with our unique background in strategy and implementation, we realized "we can fix that" -- and we did, and we continue to. 

But why limit ourselves to the energy sector when Fjord has the capacity to grow?

Fjord is now looking to hire new members who specialize in unique industries, who bring new ideas and have different formal education backgrounds to that of our founders. The internet is always evolving, and we're not afraid to say that we are too. If you check back in six months, this section of our website will likely read a little differently. We aim to keep it real, keep it accountable and keep our eyes on the prize of always creating the best solutions for our clients and our team. Below are a couple of success mantras that we're working with these days and that we expect all new members of our team to embody.

Mountains and a fjord

What is a fjord?

A fjord is a long narrow passage where the land meets the ocean. It is a funnel from the open seas into the protected shores of land where often villages stand. 

Our story as a company begins here because it's the history of the fjord that we take inspiration from every day while working with our clients. Fjord's are the natural funnel that have beckoned in commerce and trade partners to community markets since the Vikings first set sail. These giant passage ways give safe travel to those who would seek to do business, they would gently guide ships up to the shores of the community and ultimately give way to a thriving business market. 

The internet is a vast and confusing space. A wave or gust of inspiration can pull your ideal clients in the opposite direction of you if the opportunity to communicate is missed. That's why we're here. To connect you with your customers, to create easeful passage that helps them arrive at your offerings, and to ultimately see your business thrive in your target areas. 

It's not so difficult when one knows how to navigate the waters. We're here to naturally guide your customers and you together.