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We encourage our clients to get comfortable requesting Google Reviews, this is because a Google ranking is the digital equivalent of a direct referral for a lot of people.


If we’ve worked together, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you!

Get onto the front page of search results.

Search Engine 
Optimization Services

SEO Strategy for Small and Large Businesses

Your account manager will work closely with you (unless you prefer a more hands-off approach). We tailor an SEO strategy for your unique needs while following our four-step path of success.

Consultation Call.

Startup: Research & Development.

Implementation: Launch of Strategy.

Monitoring: Reporting and adaptation.

We begin the process with a Consultation Call prior to any timeline or agreement being established. Different company’s will require different SEO strategies to be implemented. We start off by understanding who you are, what your goals are and then we determine how to move forward.

The first part of our time working together will consist of a lot of communication between you and your project manager. We’ll gather information, our team will develop all of the required content for your SEO goals. You’ll receive submissions throughout this period of the pieces being developed, this is how we keep you in control of your brand and identity.

Our team will begin implementing the various techniques and requirements your company needs to support a robust Search Engine Optimization strategy. This can include, but is not limited to 

  • Meta titles and description optimization

  • On-page copy rewrite (keyword implementation)

  • Advanced schema work

  • 301 redirect mapping

  • Blog writing

  • Backlink development

  • Features on industry publications relevant to your company

During the research and development phase of your SEO project, our team will record various benchmark indicators of your SEO health. Throughout our time working together you will receive reports demonstrating your return-on-investment and the improvement in your SERP results.

Fjord Social Inc. is a

Search Engine Optimization Agency.

Are you having a hard time finding your website in search results? 

On average, 54% of all internet users will click on the first (or top) three results from their search. That’s over half of the people searching a single topic going to only three of the relevant businesses. 

Our team starts out by assessing your current SEO health with an audit. We then focus on activities like on-page copy (written content), meta titles and descriptions and advanced Search Console work. We have a team of writers who will produce blog content and leverage different backlinking strategies to increase your brand exposure. 

There are many activities involved in SEO strategy, our team leverages the best approaches for your particular marketing goals and needs.

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

You cannot purchase the top-organic result on Google. That is an old myth, and it is a myth that needs to go away. You can, however, invest in Google Ads…but that’s not really the same thing as just paying for the top spot.

The top organic search results on search engines are generated based on (1) what is being asked and/or searched for (2) relativity of a websites content and/or structure (3) credibility of the website which is measured by things like backlinks and citation flow (4) geographic relativity is also taken into account.

Can I pay to be the first result on a Google search?

There are a number of activities that you can do to improve your website’s SEO performance! You can implement "on-page" optimization, meta title and description optimization, backlink development (this includes things like getting your website listed in online directories or having other websites link to your website etc.).

There are additional SEO activities you can do as well, but for the sake of this FAQ, that’s all we’re going to list. Consider joining our mailing list to receive SEO and Digital Marketing tips directly to your inbox.

How do I improve my website’s SEO?

Investing in SEO is a wise marketing strategy. When you work with Fjord Social Inc. your investment budget is spread out over multiple months. This allows our team to approach your project with the “big-picture” in mind and continuously monitor progress.

The best way to ensure that your SEO investment is affordable for you is to have a marketing budget in place. Once you know how much you can spend, we can accommodate the SEO strategy implementation to support your budget.

Can SEO be affordable for my small business?

Short answer. YES. Absolutely you can calculate ROI with SEO. If it is requested, our team will provide you with reports that help you understand the investment value of your SEO campaign.

Can you calculate ROI for SEO?

It is reasonable to anticipate a minimum of 3-months wait for search results and search engine algorithms to begin reflecting the SEO work you've implemented. This may seem disheartening for those who are seeking immediate results, but don’t worry! During these 3 months, Fjord Social Inc. will be implementing many SEO activities that will support your website in developing a sustainable and long-term result.

For those who want to be on the front page of Google faster than the anticipated SEO timeline, Google Ads are a perfect complimentary service. Google Ads allow you to invest in particular keywords and phrases. Our team can help you arrive at the front page of search results with targeted keywords while you build your organic SEO performance.

How quickly will I see results from my SEO investment?

Would you build your own house without an expert? SEO is a lot like this. It is wise to partner with a team of experts and professionals who know how to best utilize your budget for faster results. Our team respect’s that some business owners enjoy being involved in the process and that is why we meet regularly with our clients and provide opportunities for participation, if they are inclined.

Ultimately, hiring and SEO agency saves you time and money. Time is saved by not having to learn a new skill and being able to focus on what you do best. Money is saved by the amount of money you’re able to earn with your saved time as well as through the money you’ll save in not having to “experiment” on SEO activities that may or may not prove effective.

Why should I hire an agency for SEO services?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of aligning your website’s content, structure and keywords with the results of search queries from your potential customers.


What we mean to say is that SEO is a series of activities and strategies that can be implemented to help your website be the “best answer” to the question that your potential customers are typing into a search engine. Search engine’s want to provide the best answer to the person who is typing in a question or searching for something. Optimizing your website for search engines is how you ensure that your brand is recognized as the best result.

What is SEO?
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