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Websites, User Experience & Funnels

Why are people clicking on your ads but not converting into customers?

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Create a beautiful website that guide your clients towards connecting with you. A Fjord Social Inc. website prioritizes the following:

  1. Understanding your brand & goals​

  2. Submitting a design draft for you to approve or edit

  3. Implementing SEO best practices throughout entire design process

  4. High-quality developers and clear content structure

  5. Administrative training so that you do not have to rely on us or spend more money in the future

We Appreciate Your Feedback

We encourage our clients to get comfortable requesting Google Reviews, this is because a Google ranking is the digital equivalent of a direct referral for a lot of people.


If we’ve worked together, we’d love to hear from you. Thank you!

Our web department supports the ads & SEO department with advanced backend implementation and design recommendations based on data.

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